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The Boardroom EDGE
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The Boardroom Edge

We see the EDGE as being an elite regional networking alliance with multiple chapter locations worldwide.The Boardroom EDGE networking group envisions offering multiple locations worldwide.

Our focus is to create a diversified platform for entrepreneurs to network, leverage relationships and succeed, at the same time providing coaching, business tools and the necessary resources necessary to be successful. The goal for the Boardroom EDGE is to create win-win synergies for Area Directors and members that will keep members coming back and inviting others to join for the value-add we offer to their business.

TBE Affiliate Program

Through our unique TBE Affiliate Program, you can earn additional income while you network,


Perferred Sponsors

Our concept is to engage our target market to promote our select sponsors as

The Boardroom EDGE Preferred Partners.

Chapter Director

Chapter Directors will discover multiple opportunities to grow their business and get PAID doing so.

A New Way of Doing Business.

Why the Boardroom EDGE

By developing significant, long-term relationships with quality business professionals, you build a team to support you as you grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and self-recognition. Members can test new thoughts, concepts, ideas, and acquire valuable business and personal insights, as well as develop new leadership skills. One can connect, brand, learn and grow with The Boardroom EDGE.


Charles Horton

Charles Horton

CEO The Boardroom and The Boardroom EDGE

CEO of multiple companies to include, The Boardroom & The Boardroom EDGE. Charles is a Business Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Transformational Speaker, Author, Executive Mentor, Advisor, Coach
If you like Shark Tank you will love “The Boardroom”! Did you watch us on the news? Come out, get registered! You can even bring a guest for free when you purchase your ticket and meet some highly successful folks, and the networking is absolutely amazing! Join us and meet CEO and serial entrepreneur Charles Horton best-selling author of “Ignite the Secret”!
Denise Banks

Denise Banks

Executive Assistant to Charles Horton of Horton Holdings,

Project Manager for The Boardroom EDGE,

Founder Women Building Wealth Globally

Cedric Moses

Cedric Moses

Director of Business Development

Chuck Lande

Chuck Lande

Director of Business Education

Michelle Dixon

Michelle Dixon

Administrative Director and Welcome Commitee

Travis Gray

Travis Gray

Director of Sales

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