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Widgets, Gadgets, and Things You Do…Are they Worth It?

The Boardroom offers life and business growth lessons via a unique opportunity. Attendees will absorb a wealth of practical, useful information, and some will even have the chance to present their business idea to an exceptional panel of successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors for evaluation. During the Session, participants will learn what angel investors want to see in a business plan, and most importantly, you will receive valuable marketing, advertising, investment and sales strategy advice on many facets of business operations, from proven entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Inside The Boardroom

The Goal of the Boardroom Is to provide you with the opportunity to find the answers you need

Want to know how to start your own business? Get entrepreneurial start-up business advice? Have a great ideal, but don’t know how to manufacture or distribute your widget of gadget? Need funding? Find out how to get angel investors and venture capital funds.

The Boardroom is for YOU

Attend in person and have the opportunity to network with other like minded participants.
Wonder how to start your own company

Wonder how to make your under-performing company successful

Are looking for angel or venture capital investors

Are in sales and need to improve your communication strategies

Have a great idea and no idea what to do with it

Need fresh marketing and advertising strategies

Need to consult with experts in specific fields

Need resources for how to manufacture or distribute products

Need to develop your customer service and retention skills

The Boardroom Live Event

What We Can Do For You

You can attend a live Boardroom Lesson session and discover a wealth of knowledge that can aid you in achieving your personal, you will gain new insights. You may attend as simply an audience member, or you may apply to present your business model for evaluation and input.

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From Our Founder, Charles Horton

Make Your Own Opportunities

The Members of the Boardroom understand where you are in life, because they were there once too. Once average Joes themselves, they figured out how to master business challenges and more – how to change their mindset and rise above – and they took action to make it so. Now they are highly successful and they can help you learn how to change your business.


The Boardroom Live Event

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